Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The greatest generation is dying off, so what is our generation left with?

Regardless what your opinion of Rachel Maddow is, (mine is that she is way too liberal even for me), but one of her promos presents a very good question. She is standing in front of the Hoover Dam and she states that Americans and the "big ol' evil government" built this piece of vital infrastructure not for themselves, but for the benefit of generations to come. She then asks, "What is our generation leaving behind for future generations?" Debt and landfills? Can you name one national project of that magnitude today or plans for such an endeavor as our infrastructure collapses (see Minneapolis bridge disaster) around us? Just a thought. You political type know I don't claim to have any answers, just questions. Questions most either have not thought about or just don't want to answer, because to address them would be admitting that we are not perfect as a country. (Don't get me wrong we are a great country and I am proud to be an American).

Thoughts from the Poagulation-Nation.


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