Sunday, April 24, 2011

Babefest night one, revisisted

Hello Nation,
I know I said I would get back to writing about Babefest at Buster's last week. First I had trouble getting the video I took to post and then I was felling too sick to do anything, but lay down. But, while I was lying down I listened to the Worsties CD and I gotta say It is damn good. The live performance was amazing. There was maybe a dozen people at the show and some of them where employees, but the band rocked out like they where playing a sold out Madison Square Garden. Lots of energy and tight performance.
The Worsties are a solid indie/alt./ whatever people are calling rock and roll these days. The vocals were clear and mixed the raw, gruffness of a raging hardcord song with the pure, clean tones of a R&B singer. There are lots of bands with female leads, but the majority of them are gimmicks. They just put put a pretty face on what is actually just another angst fill bunch of guys that think they will be "different" if they have a girl sing. Or, maybe they think they will appeal more to a female audiance that doesn't have many great, strong females to look up to in the rock world. Well, The Worsties are none of that. They are a great band with pleanty of dynamic and rythmic variety to keep the audiance engaged regardless of who is singing. However, they have a great singer that takes they whole group up a notch. That singer just happens to be a foxy chic. The Worsties are an all around great alternative (or whatever meaningless label being used today) band. I hope they can make it back to Lex Vegas soon and hopefully they will be joined by another act to multiply the rock goodness. A bigger crowd would be great, but like I said these guys (and girl) kicked ass with a tiny crowd. So, check out The Worsties as soon as possible. They can be found with a quick Google search or more specifically,, So check'em out.

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