Friday, April 22, 2011

rookie mistake.

What's up, Nation?
A friend broughtit to my attention that my post involving the "origin story of Pancreas Minimus," contained names and details of an illicit nature and a google search could bite some people in the ass. My apologies. I unfortunatly type the way I I talk, honest and straight forward. I forget that this country is still full of uptight, puritain, losers with nothing better to do than to pick apart other people and the things they find offensive (which is everything, aparently).
I think I am going to stick to talking about music and if a topic pops up that I have an opinion on I'll talk about it, but as far as my health struggles go I will try to lay off that subject. No promises. Like I've said, It is part of who I am.
I have told the tale of how things started, but there is a ton of stuff that has happened in the 11-12 years since. I will cover that a lil later. Right now I am feeling a little bad. Nausea and bad abdominal pain, you know an average day. So my nexts post (provided I can keep my attention on them and not get distracted) will be a brief as possible synopsis of my medical saga and reveiws of some new music and reflections of Record Day. Hopefully I can get to a show this weekend and I can write a reveiw. Later.

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