Friday, March 23, 2012

JOBS!!! You idiot politicians.

Someone posted something on Facebook siting surveys that show significant growth among voters of every kind that believe that politicians, especially the GOP are too focused on the moral and social issues of the day rather than the economy. I shared it and then blogged this because it tells about politics and how the GOP (the other party does it too, just not as much) uses religious language and espouse religious views and positions to cater so a small population. The majority of voters of all kinds, Democrats, Independents, as well as, Republicans are more concerned with the jobs and trying to get by in this economy. The politicians need to do themselves and the rest of us a favor and stop focusing on divisive religious issues and talk about jobs. Why do you think Congress's approval rate is in single digits. Of course voters have opinions on social issues, but they need jobs worse. Politicians need to stop talking religion and their positions on birth control of all things and get America working again. Neither party has done anything to help the country because because they constantly thwart any legislation bu the opposite party. How do we expect Congress to do anything, when the GOP has said it is there primary goal to defeat Obama in 2012 even if it has negative consequences for everyone. They think they can point to the problems this creates and blame Obama and tell everyone that his policies have failed and that the Republicans are the only ones that can fix it. How do they know Democratic policies have been harmful when they vote against and filibuster everything the Dems propose, just to make Obama look bad and get their guy elected, the rest of the country be damned. Americans are not stupid. We know when politicians are trying to distract us with wedge issues like abortion, gay marriage, immigration, and many other religiously based moral positions. We want the government out of our religions, but there is a very vocal minority that believe their religion is the right one and that their ideals should be the ones that govern everyone in America. Most Americans know that it is unconstitutional for religion to be used to make laws that affect all Americans. Sometimes even people that claim the same religious affiliations disagree completely about different issues. The drafters of the Constitution made separation of church and state part of the First Amendment for a reason. Government needs to stay away from religion and religion needs to stay away from government.

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