Friday, March 23, 2012

my reply from a Facebook post

Someone on FB was talking about Whitney Huston. It was some crude joke about her tragic death and her cocaine abuse. One person mistakenly thought that that was part of her death and another person posted that she drowned in the tub, but did not mention why. She drowned because she overdosed on sleeping pills and possibly benzodiazapines like xanax. Prescription abuse is the fasting growing cause of overdoses and death. Because of that states that have major problems like KY are making stricter and stricter regulations on doctors and patients in a misguided effort to stop it. Because of these laws patients that have illegitimate, chronic pain have to jump through flaming hoops to get treatment for real pain. The doctors are all terrified because they can lose their licenses and even be arrested if a patient is caught buying or selling their prescription. This doesn't get the people that are actually abusing the drugs because they just go to quack docs in other states of through sources that originate with cartels and gangs, no doctors involved. Also as these addicts find it harder to get pills they will just switch to far more dangerous heroin. Meanwhile real patients and good doctors are struggling to give and receive the medically appropriate treatments that places that do not have abuse problems and over-reaching legislatures. There are currently 2 bills in the KY congress that will make this problem worse. If you know someone that is suffering because of these ill created laws (like me and my doctors and God forbid, maybe you someday) then contact your rep in Frankfort and let them know to oppose HB 4 and SB 2. Thanks

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